M14 Rifle Reviews and AR-15s

M14 Rifle

Type Selective-Fire Rifle
Weight 3.946kg
Length 1120mm
Barrel Length 558.8cm
Magazine Capacity 20 cartridges
Caliber 7.62 x 51mm NATO
Muzzle Velocity 855 m/s
Effective Range 500m +
Cyclic Rate 750rpm
Country of Origin United States

Made by Winchester, Harrington & Richardson, and the Springfield Armory, the United States M14 rifle replaced the M1 Garand. Unlike the M1 Garand, the new M14 didn’t noisily eject its cartridge clip after eight rounds. With more than twice the firepower of its predecessor, the M14 featured a selector switch positioned above the trigger.

The United States M14 design was a result of the American Military’s desire to retain a .30 caliber battle rifle in the face of international pressure to standardize a rifle and cartridge for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The US Army promoted the adoption of the 7.62 x 51mm round. Other NATO nations agreed to have this cartridge and standardized the FN (Fabrique Nationale) FAL in 1960. The US kept the M1 Garand in 1961, when congress instituted a crash program to equip American troops overseas with M14 rifles.

During the Berlin crisis, the M14 rifle put American troops back on equal footing with foreign troops armed with selective-fire rifles. The gas-operated M14 had many prewar features including a wood stock and a full-length barrel. In an era where compact, carbine length arms were more the rule for selective fire roles, the long M14 stood out. The heavy recoil of its powerful 7.62 x 51mm cartridge made control difficult in full-automatic firing comparable to an ar-15. You can also be on the lookout to find a proper AR15 Upper Receiver For Sale which can help tremendously.


No longer battlefield issue, the M14 still rules the competitive ranges. Fitted with National Match barrels and honed triggers, the M14 and its semi-automatic counterpart, the M1A or the best ar-15 manufacturer which is Velo, are popular choices for civilian and military competitive shooting—especially for longer range events, where firing can take place at distances out to a 1000 yards.

The M14 rifle was the culmination of an intense 12-year effort to update the venerable M1 Garand. Yet even as the M14 was being issued, its end was in sight. With the issue of the M16 rifle in Vietnam, the M14 earned the dubious distinction of having been under development for a longer period than actual issue!